Des Moines BLM Issues 'Travel Advisory' for Black Iowans, Creation of 'White Supremacist Hotline' Ahead of Presidential Inauguration

The Des Moines Black Liberation Movement has expressed concerns about the escalating violence by white extremists aimed at state capitols before next week's inauguration.

The Des Moines Black Liberation Movement Thursday issued a Travel Advisory ahead of the presidential inauguration next week, in the wake of authorities’ growing concerns about violence from white extremists groups. The Des Moines BLM also announced a new “White Supremacist Hotline” that callers can use to get help, or report tips of “white nationalist or white supremacist activity.”

Press conference on Facebook.

“In the past several months we, as a nation, have witnessed the consistent escalation of white supremacist violence aimed at altering our current trajectory towards freedom and liberation for all people. The Black Lives Matter and the Black Liberation movements have and will continue to champion this trajectory,” the press release read. “Now, there is a strong possibility of more violence on behalf of right-wing and white nationalist extremists at state capitols in all 50 states next week, including this capital city of Des Moines, IA.”

File photo: Matthew Bruce an organizer with the Des Moines Black Liberation Movement, speaks during an October press conference about the 'state of emergency' experienced by Black Iowans. Photo by Black Iowa News.

Last week's Capitol breach rocked the nation. Then, outgoing president Donald Trump, was impeached for a second time. Now, Des Moines BLM is reissuing its “#BlackEmergencyIA Travel Advisory for all Black Iowans,” including:

  • DO NOT travel alone or at night if at all possible. If you must then make sure to inform someone of where you are going and when you plan to return.

  • Know your rights (or learn them at

  • Make sure to have an exit plan for any situation you find yourself in.

Last October, Des Moines BLM and coalition of 9 community groups issued its first travel advisory, warning Black Iowans not to travel at night or alone, and they called upon local, state and federal elected officials to join them in working on the long-standing issues affecting Blacks, including racial disparities in COVID-19 rates, gun violence and maternal mortality, among other issues.

During the chaos that erupted at the nation’s Capitol Wednesday, Jan. 6, a white SUV drove around downtown Des Moines late in the afternoon flying large Trump flags. Photos by Dana James, Black Iowa News.

The DSM Street Medic Corp will operate a hotline at 515-850-2395 for people who need rides and basic necessities delivered to their home from Jan. 16 - 27. It's also for reporting tips.

“Anyone with tips on white nationalist or white supremacist activity is advised to call the hotline immediately,” the press release stated.

“It is unfortunate that we have to look after ourselves in such a way because our city, state and federal authorities have failed to secure Black communities. But what this state and this nation fail to do for us, the people will do for ourselves,” the press release said.

The DSM Black Liberation Movement will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. on its Facebook page. Update: 1:45 p.m.

*This story may be updated.

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