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Black Iowa News highlights Black perspectives, showcases the Black community and amplifies the voices of Black Iowans. The digital news company, which distributes a growing email newsletter, is Black and woman-owned. We deserve stories that are written with our questions in mind, from our perspective and which place us at the forefront. Your subscription helps further the mission of Black Iowa News — an independent media company — to tell our stories, our way. Thank you for reading, sharing and subscribing to the important work of Black Iowa News. Advertise with us to reach new customers.

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About the Founder

Dana James is the founder of Black Iowa News LLC., which produces the Black Iowa Newsletter. She writes about Black Iowans in the era of COVID-19 and the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. The award-winning writer is a former Des Moines Register reporter. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Grand View University. Email her at dana@blackiowanews.com.

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